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Contact the Knowledge, Information and Library Services team who will be able to assist – our details are at the bottom of the page.

  • Article or book access

With the libraries currently being unstaffed, the team can help source any articles or books you may require via the *electronic collections.

If you know what article you require, you are still able to enter the details on BaseDoc and we will process the request for you: If you need help in creating an account, please contact us.

Barberry Library is still open for visitors and an honesty loan system is in place – you can search the library catalogue to see if a book that you require is available but, unfortunately, we aren’t able to satisfy any requests on holds for other libraries. The catalogue can be accessed here:

*Please note that not all material can be provided electronically but we will do our best in the current circumstances.

  • Online support and help in accessing e-resources including e-books, e-journals and online databases

Either via telephone or via Microsoft teams, one of the library team will provide you with support in accessing the e-collections.

An OpenAthens username and password will be required but we can show you how to apply for this online too or apply here first, using a workplace email address if possible:

  • Supported or Mediated literature searches

Supported literature search help – this is especially useful for quick enquiries and for supporting you with your coursework and CPD.

Mediated literature search – If you have a subject in mind, you can complete the online literature search form and a team member will undertake the literature search on your behalf or provide you with tailored assistance with it. This is most useful for detailed or in-depth searches such as policy or service changes – please be aware that patient care literature search requests will take priority.

If you are looking for information outside of normal working hours, you can access our online help via this link:

UffculmeArchUffculme Library

During this difficult time, several of our publishers and suppliers have made their online content available for free – no username or password is required.  A full list of these can be found here – this page will be updated as content becomes available.

How to contact us:

By email: or

By telephone: 0121 301 2059 – leave a voicemail and we will return your call sometime between 9am – 5pm, Monday to Friday.

Look for us individually on Microsoft Teams and call us or contact us via NHSnet email:

Martin Elcock – Library Services Manager (
Karen Wight – Deputy LSM/e-resources Librarian (
Mark Aynsley – Clinical Librarian (
Anita Phul – Training Librarian (
Anna Cunningham – Library Assistant (

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